NBA Betting Lines

Here at NBA Betting Lines we provide visitors with information on where to find and compare NBA odds among the most respected and trustworthy sports betting websites online. When betting on NBA games it is important to compare betting lines among bookies in order to find the best odds for betting on your team. Below you will find three high quality sportsbooks where you can find up to date NBA betting lines and place wagers on the games.

While the NBA is currently in off-season, betting on basketball doesn’t stop. has created a guide for betting on the FIBA World Cup, something you should definitely check out if you’re usually interested in NBA betting lines.

Find and Compare NBA Betting Lines


Bookmaker’s motto is “where the lines originate” which makes it the perfect site for visitors searching for NBA betting lines. Bookmaker is often the first bookie to provide odds on NBA games, so if you are already searching for betting lines for tomorrow’s games Bookmaker may be the only place to find them. Bookmaker is also one of the most respected and trusted names in the sports betting industry, which is a big reason why they are our top rated book. Visit Bookmaker to find NBA betting lines or place wagers on NBA games. I should also note that Bookmaker accepts players from around the world, including the United States.


Bovada is the United States facing website of the popular and respected Bodog sportsbook brand. Bovada offers a wide variety of NBA betting lines, including many player and team prop bets, and even in-play betting for the majority of NBA games. Bovada only accepts US residents, but anybody can check their NBA lines.

If you are only looking for the basic NBA lines such as the money line, spread and over/under odds then I suggest you first check out Bookmaker because they set the industry standard for those lines and are the most respected sportsbook on the internet. If you are all interested in prop betting lines then you should visit Bovada if you are American or Bookmaker if you aren’t. To learn what we mean by the various types of NBA betting lines, check out our betting lines explained page.

Increase NBA Entertainment Value

Add some excitement to your NBA viewing by placing a wager on your favourite team. If they win, you win. It is impossible to deny that betting on NBA games creates more excitement for spectators. I personally make a small wager when I know I will be watching a game because having that small amount of money on the line can really increase the game’s appeal.

Making a wager with a friend before the game has the same effect. If you do decide to make an NBA bet with a friend you should definitely check out the NBA betting lines before the game in order to get the better end of the wager. This way, over time you will get the bragging rights and the cash.