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The 5Dimes sportsbook has been operating for close to twenty years but does that mean it is any good? It is good to see that a site has been in operation for this length of time but it is important for traditional sportsbooks to stay in touch with the demands of modern sports betting fans. There have been many innovations and new ways to bet and if a traditional sportsbook doesn’t evolve and provide these options, it is unlikely to be of interest to punters. Thankfully, this is not something that the 5Dimes sportsbook has anything to worry about.

In saying that, the first impressions of the site are not overly welcoming. Just because the company has been operating since the 1990s doesn’t mean that the website should look like a site from that era. This is a very plain and basic site, one which stands apart from the majority of sports betting sites. There is no denying that on first glance; you will think that the 5Dimes sportsbook is not up to scratch. However, this is why it is important to scratch the surface and the 5Dimes sportsbook has been pleasantly surprised with what is on offer.


When it comes to being a modern sportsbook, you need to provide a range of options. Ideally, you should be looking for a modern sportsbook to offer:

  • Live in-play betting
  • A wide range of bets including the futures market
  • Mobile betting options
  • A variety of deposit options
  • Other activities apart from sportsbook options

You may not think this is the case on your first look but the 5dimes sportsbook is able to provide you with all of these benefits and a whole lot more. If you are a modern sports fan looking for a site that rivals the most modern and up-to-date sports betting options, you’ll be delighted with what 5Dimes has to offer. In fact, given that 5Dimes is able to offer all of these modern innovations alongside a wide range of traditional benefits and activities, you should find that the 5Dimes sportsbook offers the best of both worlds.

Basketball options in the sportsbook

In-play betting is crucial these days and just by examining the basketball market you’ll see that 5Dimes sportsbook is capable of keeping you involved with every minute of the match. In fact, for major markets like the NBA, the WNBA and the NCAA, the 5Dimes sportsbook will keep you involved with every minute of the season. The future options mean you can get ahead of yourself and make big predictions when it comes to how the season will pan out. The in-play options mean you can place money on the next quarter and who is going to come to the fore in the next few minutes. If you are a basketball fan that wants to be totally consumed by basketball information and knowledge, you’ll find that the 5Dimes sportsbook speaks for you.

The great thing is thought that it isn’t only focused on basketball. There is a great range of sportsbook options on NFL, NBL and the NHL. You should also find that there are plenty of soccer and horse racing betting options. There may not be the same level of betting options for these sports as you’ll find on European betting sites but equally, European betting sites won’t cover the US sports in such detail. With US and decimal odds on offer to players, you can choose to bet anyway you choose, helping you to feel right at home.

More than just a sportsbook

With poker, casino and even live dealer gaming options available to players, the 5Dimes site is about more than just a sportsbook. The fact that there is a live dealer option indicates the site is keeping up to date with the latest gaming innovations, which is sure to give you confidence about the future of your site. If you are looking to find a sports betting site you can call home for many years, the fact that 5Dimes sportsbook is supported by many other options ensures that there is strength in depth.

There is even a range of welcome offers and yes, there is one that is focused on the sportsbook option. Players can obtain a 50% matched deposit bonus, up to a value of $520 when they make a deposit into their sportsbook. There is a range of deposit and withdrawal methods associated with the sportsbook, although players in North America will find that their banking options are limited with respect to other players. However, there should be more than enough options for people to get involved, no matter where they are located.


When it comes to finding a sportsbook that delivers everything you could ever want or need, the 5Dimes sportsbook review thinks you will struggle to find a more effective site than this one. It may not look the greatest site but you should never judge a sportsbook by its cover.